A Dream Cabin by the River: Randall Barfield's Journey with Vacavia Cottages & Cabins

In searching for the perfect cabin, the path is often marked by twists, turns, and the anticipation of finding the ideal retreat. Randall Barfield, a proud owner of a Vacavia Savannah Flats park model cabin, shares his remarkable journey and provides a testament to the outstanding service and teamwork that characterize the Vacavia experience. From the initial steps at the Vacavia office to witnessing the inner workings of production, Randall’s story illustrates the unwavering commitment of the Vacavia Cottages & Cabins team.

Join us as we delve into Randall’s letter to Jeremiah, our VP of Sales, where this very happy customer explains why he still has a smile on his face now that he is a proud owner of a cabin manufactured by Vacavia Cottages & Cabins in Ochlocknee, Ga.

Hello Jeremiah,

I trust that all is well after your return from a successful event in Kansas City, Mo. As for me, after spending two weekends in my new Vacavia Savannah Flats cabin at the river, I am smiling bigger than ever.

My journey to ownership of a cabin on stilts at the river has been a “long winding road,” but well worth it- -as you said it would be early on in our first meetings. Bear with me on the length of this email, but I want to express a few points on my purchase transaction with Vacavia.

From my first step inside the Vacavia office, I was always treated with courtesy and respect. This attitude did not start and stop at the sales office but continued throughout the facility from the front desk to the end of the assembly line. As I stated earlier, this long journey lasted about a year, but never once did I feel like a “tire kicker” with a dream.

Due to the length of time I took in this process and the many visits to the plant, including several tours of the assembly line, I was able to observe some of the inner workings of the production of a cabin from foundation to rooftop. The adhesive for the success of each unit produced appears to be Teamwork. At Vacavia, teamwork is not just a word, but a built-in part of the production process. I primarily dealt with you in sales, but cannot count the times we had questions or required clarification on design, production, or quality. Answers were readily provided in a timely manner. Evidently, management makes every effort to hire the very best people in their respective fields of expertise and then allows them to do their work. I was quite impressed with the way management supported its employees and their decisions.

During my 79 years I have encountered many great buying experiences; however, on more than a few occasions, this ended after the sale. Not the case with Vacavia Cottages & Cabins. During the placement of my cabin on the stilts by a crane service, there were several areas to the cabin that sustained minor cosmetic damage due to wind gusts that affected the crane set. Though this mishap was totally unrelated to Vacavia, you took that all-important extra step and provided me with a remedy. For a nominal fee your production manager and a subcontractor came on site on a weekend and conducted a professional repair job, which restored my unit “as if it never even happened.” Each of my minor problems and questions were handled immediately and without question. Your continued follow-up and responsiveness after the delivery of my cabin is greatly appreciated.

You always stated that your goal was to see a smile on my face. Well, it’s still there. Thank you. Additionally, please convey my sincere gratitude to Cesar, Steven, Larry, and the rest of the team for their assistance. I would be remiss if I left out the entire production crew — thank you all.

Best regards,
Randall Barfield

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