Vacavia Tiny Homes

Introducing Vacavia’s compact yet cozy Tiny Home. This meticulously crafted charming abode not only provides comfort and safety but also maximizes space, simply perfect for use as a tiny home, accessory dwelling unit, AirBnB, cabin or for anyone who wants to stay in a compact, affordable space with the modern amenities for day-to-day living.

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Floor Plan

Vacavia Tiny Homes Floor Plan

Basic Specs

  • 12-wide X 16-deep
  • Shed type metal roof
  • Board & batten fiber cement board exterior over 16 OC 2×4 framing
  • Ceiling height of 7-8 feet
  • Insulated walls, ceiling, and floor
  • Vinyl Over Gypsum interior walls
  • Seaspray ceiling
  • Sheet vinyl flooring over T&G OSB
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet with straight PVC plumbing drops and PEX water lines
  • Kitchenette with microwave, dorm fridge, sink, and custom bottom cabinets
  • Ceiling fan and cutout for 5k BTU AC/Heater
  • Bathroom exhaust fan
  • Fiberglass door with window pane with integrated blinds
  • 46×40-Inch front window

Ideal for Staff Housing

Measuring 12 feet by 16 feet with a ceiling height of 7 to 8 feet, the Tiny Home meets the minimum OSHA space requirement for staff housing. Carefully built according to the ANSI 119.5 Park Model RV standards, but without a chassis and wheels, campground and resort owners can rest easy knowing that their staff reside in a secure, on-site, and comfortable environment.
Vacavia Tiny Homes


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Forrest Register
Commercial Real Estate / Investor - Dothan

We recently placed an order for 30 cabins, and over the past several months, Vacavia has performed admirably throughout the project by delivering on everything they promised, and it has been a very positive and productive relationship. Vacavia's growth, and they have played a significant role in our own growth journey.



The ‘tiny home’ industry is presently receiving a lot of attention from local zoning and building commissions, and the regulatory landscape regarding these structures is rapidly developing. This product is not certified as being built to any particular standard, but, with the exception of lacking a chassis axles with tires, we build these tiny homes according to the ANSI 119.5 Park Model RV standards. This is not a park model RV, though. It is an uncoded tiny home. The buyer assumes all risks as to usability and merchantability for any particular purpose, and the manufacturer makes no representations as to the suitability of this product for any particular use.
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