Investing in Facilities and Amenities for
Improved Guest Experience

Vacavia Plant

Recreational travel and outdoor activities have exploded since the world recovered from the pandemic. The outdoor hospitality industry, which includes RV parks, glamping sites, campgrounds, and vacation rentals, has seen an unprecedented surge in demand, with camping alone being at an all-time high in 2022[1], accounting for 40% of leisure trips that year [2]. This increase showed no sign of slowing down, in fact more than 15 million Americans embraced the allure of the outdoors and went camping for the first time since the lockdown in 2020.

Tapping into the ever-growing demand for unique outdoor experiences means expanding to accommodate the added customers. The challenge doesn’t stop with just increasing space. It also entails adjusting to the needs of the ever-changing camper demographic, which is skewing younger every year [3]. Maintaining a competitive edge in this booming industry means quickly adapting to the emerging trends and the modern camper’s evolving needs, and that includes upgrading the facilities and amenities.

Outdated facilities in campgrounds, RV parks and other sites send a message that customer safety and comfort aren’t priorities. This could tarnish the business’ reputation and lead to unfavorable reviews, fewer returning customers, and lower profits. Unmaintained infrastructure also results in higher costs due to emergency repairs, disrupted operations, and potential liability. Investing in facility and amenity upgrades is a business necessity, not just to satisfy the customers’ expectations but also to retain their loyalty and guarantee repeat visits.

Satisfying the modern customers’ ever-changing demands to keep them happy and returning while keeping your monthly expenses and overhead relatively low is a matter of carefully creating a comprehensive budget. This way, your revenue can cover costs while allowing for profitability and future growth. This wise investment move calls for prioritizing upgrades that directly impact guest comfort and convenience. Here is a list of upgrades that will give your business the competitive edge:

  1. Modernized bath houses with clean, private showers
  2. Reliable Wi-Fi access throughout the property
  3. Improved campsite layouts and amenities like picnic tables and fire rings
  4. Improved accessibility like ADA-compliant paths, ramps, and other facilities to cater to a broader range of guests
  5. Well-designed and maintained landscaping, clear signage, proper lighting, and proper facility layout
  6. Functioning and clean laundry facilities, playgrounds, game rooms, restrooms, and swimming pools
  7. Installed electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to provide on-site charging options not just to EVs but also to electric RVs

Upgrading amenities and facilities translates to an improved experience for guests. Owners stand to benefit from this as customers are willing to pay for superior amenities and a camping experience more tailored to their needs.


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