Meet Ace: Graphic Designer, Runner, and Former Expat

Art Ace Samson, or just Ace to his family and friends, joined Vacavia in April with 11 years of graphic design experience. After living in Dubai for 17 years, Ace came back to his home where he grew up three years ago. Now, Ace is ready to channel his experience and vibrant personality into a new graphic design role at Vacavia Cottages and Cabins.
Art Ace

From Passion to Profession

Ace earned both his bachelor’s degree in marketing and certificate of graphic design in Dubai. His passion for graphic design is rooted in his love of creating illustrations of his own, both traditionally and digitally. Graphic design became his passion because aside from words, it showed him that colors, shapes, typography, and images can be used to communicate and express messages to anyone who sees his design.

Capitalizing on Skills to Communicate Branding

With more than a decade of design experience under his belt, Ace has honed a flexible style that allows him to shift effortlessly between corporate and playful or casual, whether creating image and video content for websites and social media pages or creating print design for packaging, flyers, magazines, books, and other marketing collateral. He sees the skills he has honed over the years as a huge asset in creating designs that will help communicate and build good branding. Ace further aims to improve this branding by fully familiarizing himself with the company’s vision, mission, and culture.

When he experiences an artist’s block, he heads over to Pinterest for inspiration.

While he loves the digital workspace, Ace’s choice of downtime is running. Instead of sitting some more in front of his screen, he chose running to relax and get his thinking done.

Fun Fact

His name “Art Ace” is a combination of his parents’ names – Arthur and Grace.
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