Plugging In Tech Trends at Your Campground to Accommodate the Needs of Modern Campers & Staff

Campgrounds Committed to Technology-Enhanced Camping​

When the pandemic hit, the whole world was forced to stay indoors, and one of the many aspects that people struggled with was working without leaving their homes. The pandemic has passed, but the work-from-home arrangement has stayed to create a new lifestyle and a new breed of workers — the digital nomads. This remote work and location independence opened new income opportunities for RV parks, campgrounds, and other outdoor venues as people choose to earn a living while travelling.

One of the top outdoor travel trends for 2023, according to Campspot[1] , is more millennials and Gen Z embracing the flexibility that the work-from-home arrangement provides then taking it to the next level by hitting the road while continuing work thanks to easy access to Wi-Fi. They even went as far as renaming RV from Recreational Vehicle to Remote Work Vehicle. This trend shows no sign of slowing down as there was a 14 percent increase in digital nomads who are independent workers (independent contractors, freelancers, etc.) from 2022 to 2023[2]. More digital nomads mean more opportunities for RV parks and campgrounds to earn higher revenue.

But how can RV parks and campgrounds adapt to meet the needs and wants of these workers/modern travelers while providing a dynamic workspace and a place for recreation at the same time?

Digital Nomads: Plugging In While Unplugging

Digital nomads, who work remotely while travelling, are seeking out campgrounds that cater to their unique needs. The same report from Campspot pointed out that campers, skewed to the younger generation, are finding ways to experience the thrill of travel for less. Millennial and Gen Z’s top choice to save while hitting the road and juggling work is RV travel as well as staying in cottages, cabins and AirBnBs, as it allows them to have more freedom to see more of the country, get away in a natural/peaceful environment, maintain a healthy work-life-balance, and cut back on costs. Their most important requirement to keep earning while exploring is connectivity, hence the need for reliable Wi-Fi access.

On top of reliable internet connectivity, top- of-the-list offerings to attract more nomads include comfortable workspaces and a sense of community. Campgrounds are responding by upgrading their infrastructure to provide high-speed internet access, creating designated workspaces, and ensuring that power sources are readily available throughout the site. The evolving nature of remote work is helping to shape the future of the camping industry and pushing campgrounds to be more creative with helping digital nomads blend work and leisure in innovative ways.

Campgrounds Committed to Technology-Enhanced Camping

Here’s a list of modern additions that can help meet the demands of this new breed of campers:

  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity: Cabins equipped with high-speed internet access help ensure that everyone can stay connected whether they’re working remotely or streaming their favorite shows.
  • Power Accessibility: With ample power outlets and USB charging ports, campgrounds and RV parks ensure that all devices remain charged and ready for use.
  • Ergonomic Workspaces: Ergonomic furniture can easily transform into productive workspaces during the day and a place to relax or sleep in during the night.
  • Smart Technology Integration: Smart locks and climate control systems go a long way in providing a seamless and comfortable living experience, especially for worn-out travelers looking to relax from a long day of adventure or tired remote workers seeking rest from a whole day of work.
  • Community Building: Creating a sense of community among campers, both digital nomads and traditional ones, can create unforgettable moments and enhance their overall experience.
campers on laptop

The Future of Camping

 As the definition of work and workplace continues to evolve, so too will the campground experience. By embracing technology and catering to the needs of modern campers, campgrounds can create a more enjoyable and accessible experience for those working while travelling or just travelling purely for leisure.


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