The Rise of Pet-Friendly Campgrounds: Catering to the Growing Demand of Camping with Pets

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Summer has officially begun, and this means the start of one of the busiest seasons for campgrounds. But camping and embarking on outdoor adventures haven’t been limited to humans. The steady rise in the number of campers over the years has brought out a new trend, camping with non-human companions.

The Dyrt reported that in 2023, 57.3% of campers brought their dogs with them, and 6% brought their cats [1]. Non-human companions weren’t limited to the four-legged furry creatures as some brought their box turtles, guinea pigs, parrots, and even their chickens. The same report also mentioned that dog parks were the third most requested amenity to be added to campgrounds, just behind wi-fi and pickleball courts.

Pet-Friendly Camping is on the Rise

More campers are bringing their pets with them for several reasons. One camper said that he loves taking his dog Lola with him because Lola reminds him of “the quintessential Americana where an individual is hiking on a trail or sleeping under the stars with their beloved friend” [2]. One also said that having her pet 24/7 as she works and enjoys campgrounds across the country feels more amazing than without her. Campground managers and property owners would do well to accommodate the non-human companions of their guests because RV campers were 20.8% more likely to camp with their pets [1].

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Increase Customer Satisfaction While Increasing Revenue

Prioritizing pet-friendly amenities not only caters to the needs of pet owners but also increases their satisfaction and opens new sources of revenue. Here are some pet-oriented services and facilities that you can include in your business:

  • Designated pet areas- clearly marked off-leash areas for pets to exercise and relieve themselves, such as fenced dog parks or open areas equipped with waste bag dispensers and disposal bins.
  • Pet-friendly accommodations- pet-friendly cabins, RVs, or tent sites with appropriate amenities like pet beds, bowls, and toys.
  • Waste stations- abundant waste bags and conveniently located disposal bins to promote responsible pet waste disposal.
  • Pet washing stations- conveniently located washing stations throughout the park or campground to clean muddy paws after outdoor adventures.
  • Water access- clean water sources, such as pet-friendly fountains or designated bowls, to ensure hydration for pets during their stay.
  • Trails and walking paths- provide opportunities for exercise and adventure for both humans and pets.
  • Pet sitting services- offer pet-sitting services so that the furry friends can relax while their owners enjoy other activities that aren’t pet-friendly.

Camping with Pets is Here to Stay

It’s clear that pets are no longer just staying home. By embracing this trend and providing tailored amenities and services, RV parks and campgrounds can create unforgettable experiences for both humans and their non-human friends, fostering a loyal customer base and ensuring the continued popularity of pet-friendly adventures.

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