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Vacavia Cottages & Cabins Attends ACA Southeastern Conference

The Vacavia Cottages & Cabins team recently had the pleasure of participating in the ACA Southeastern Fall Camp Conference in Melbourne, Fla.. The event, hosted at the Hilton Melbourne, provided an ideal setting for networking and discussions.
One of the conference’s highlights was the opportunity for the Vacavia team to engage in insightful discussions with stayover camp staff. These conversations illuminated a growing interest in innovative housing solutions for campers and staff. It became evident that there is a rising trend among camps to explore housing options during peak seasons and during the offseason. This strategic move aims to tap into various groups and the general public to boost the utilization of camp facilities and generate additional revenue streams.
As camps increasingly recognize the potential benefits of extending their accommodations beyond traditional camping seasons, Vacavia stands ready to support this evolving need. The team’s presence at the ACA Southeastern Conference allowed them to showcase their expertise in providing high-quality cottages and cabins suited to meet the demands of the changing landscape of the camping industry.
Vacavia’s dedication to understanding and adapting to the evolving needs of the camping industry positions us as a valuable partner for camps looking to enhance their offerings and explore new avenues for revenue generation. As the industry continues to evolve, Vacavia Cottages & Cabins remains dedicated to meeting the needs of stayover camps across the U.S.