Calm-Cations: How to Create a Recreational Housing Oasis

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The warmer weather of May signals the start of a bustling season for campgrounds, parks and other outdoor businesses as families and individuals flock outdoors to kick off their summer adventures. We all know managing demands from multiple customers with diverse demographics and preferences is no walk in the park. So how do you reduce stress for your guests and create a “calm-cation” so they can truly unwind and relax?

Create Comfortable Retreats

Comfort is key for a stress-free getaway. Pitching a tent in the middle of the woods would cut it for the more adventurous guests but not for those who are used to and prefer the comforts of their homes, especially those with kids and the elderly. Investing in high-quality and soundproof cabins complete with amenities found in a typical hotel room like mattresses, shower and a functioning kitchen will make a huge difference for guests looking to recharge in comfort from their whole day of adventure.

Vacavia Signature Series Cabin Interior, in Brown, by Vacavia
Vacavia Signature Series Cabin Interior, in Brown, by Vacavia

Offer a Starry Night Experience

One experience that your guests can have while being surrounded by nature is the chance to see and marvel at the starry skies in an environment with no light pollution, something that is difficult to achieve when they are in the city. A cozy cabin with a screened-in porch will help your guests enjoy the outdoor experience, but in comfort, as the screen will prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from bothering them while they stargaze.

Okefenokee Cabin Exterior, in Brown, by Vacavia
vacavia campground park model home

Provide Bathroom Amenities

Clean and accessible bathrooms and showers are not a luxury but essential for the comfort, hygiene and overall convenience of your guests. Imagine your guests stressing out where to bathe and freshen themselves after a whole day of hiking and outdoor activities. Investing in well-maintained restrooms and showers helps ensure they focus on enjoying their surroundings rather than worrying about their basic needs. Modern cabins come equipped with bathrooms and showers with hot and cold water, which gives guests the privacy of a home away from home.

Set up Activities that Can Help Guests Unwind

Being in the middle of nature offers a natural opportunity for guided meditation, yoga, nature journaling and similar activities that focus on wellness to help your stressed-out guests relax, unplug, unwind and recharge.

A relaxing retreat doesn’t need a huge investment on the campground owner’s part. Prefabricated cabins and cottages made of durable, high-quality materials designed to be easily maintained can help outdoor businesses transform their space into the ultimate stress-free escape, so their guests can come back year after year.

vacavia campground park model home
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